Pacific Seafood Shellfish produces a variety of premium in-shell oysters, farm raised in Washington, Oregon, and California.

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Kumamoto Oysters


Farm raised on long lines in Humboldt Bay, California. These petite favorites have a delicate, briney flavor all their own. An oyster lover’s favorite! Available in a variety of sizes, as well as in our premium, basket grown, tide tumbled, “Redwood Curtain” edition.


Amethyst Oysters


Popular with oyster connoisseurs, these Pacific oysters raised in Humboldt Bay have a sweet melon flavor, and distinctive purple banding on the shell that gives them their signature name. These oysters are basket grown and tide tumbled for that unique, smooth shelled look popular at oyster bars everywhere!

Size: 2-3″


Bruce’s Beach House


So named for the history surrounding the location where we farm these oysters, this sought after oyster is farmed in Willapa Bay, Washington. To learn more about Bruce’s Beach House, read the story here.

Size: 3″-up


Other Varieties

  • Takara – 2-3″ Pacific, basket grown
  • Pacific “BBQ” Oyster – 4″-up beach grown



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