For more than 75 years, Pacific Seafood has served the ocean by harvesting, processing, and distributing the highest quality and best-tasting seafood to our loyal consumers.

Our team consists of multiple locations, starting with our Bay City, Oregon plant, which was brought into the Pacific family in 1996. Then starting in 2011, the Coast Seafoods Company became a part of the Pacific Seafood shellfish group, with locations in Eureka, California, South Bend, Washington, Quilcene, Washington, and Kona, Hawaii. With Coast Seafoods, we are also partners with Penn Cove Shellfish, in Coupeville, Washington.

Pacific Seafood Shellfish farms over 17,000 acres between Oregon, Washington, and California in our pristine State Certified Pacific Coast Tidelands. Shucked oysters are processed in our Bay City and South Bend processing facilities, which are HACCP certified and Safe Quality Food (SQF) level 3. Pacific in-shell oysters are processed and shipped from our facilities in all three states, as well as the Kumamoto variety at our Humboldt Bay location in northern California.

Additionally, we are proud to operate two state-of-the-art hatcheries and research facilities. Our Quilcene, Washington, and Kona, Hawaii facilities produce oyster, clam, and mussel larvae and seed, which ensures a consistent supply for our company. With our hatcheries, we are able to supply our farms with traditional Pacific oyster seed, as well as “all season” Triploids, and Kumamotos. This gives us a strategic advantage as well as allows us to supply other growers, both local and worldwide, with shellfish seed and larvae.

Pacific Seafood Shellfish prides ourselves on our sustainable aquaculture practices.

Learn more about the Pacific Advantage here.

Pacific Advantage

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